Chatting has always been a nice passtime for me but it was getting stale. A good friend of mine from Yahoo has been in Second Life for 2 years now and finally talked me into giving it a go. I was pretty bored at first but oh man, it's addicting for a wannabe shopoholic such as myself.

So, I'm in the process of figuring out how to move Submissive Loving into a new realm. The bdsm community there is a bit different as much of it revolves around role play. I'm not on earth to judge people. I'm all about everyone getting through this messy life any way possible. I keep my opinions to myself and I'm playing a bit. It's an amazing place which allows the fantasies in your head to "come to life" so to speak. Yesterday, I experienced a few sims that blew my mind. The creativity of human beings takes my breath away. I honestly didn't think Second Life was for me until I saw what others have created here. It's a whole new artform that can be awe inspiring at times.

I've bought land and put up a house. I still haven't figured the place for Submissive Loving yet, but I will. I think it's time it moved into the new millenium and me with it.

oh, I have a great story about my visit with the Scotland guy that I met on vacation in Ireland. We met up again in New Mexico. Fabulous and funny story. I promise to share it soon.