Ok, so it's been awhile (many years) since I've involved myself with anyone online. Those of you who know me from way back might know why (meeting Satan himself). Jeff (who is not Satan) and I have been over for a couple of years and while I still miss him I do realize I need to dip a toe in the water and once again at least try this whole intimacy thing everyone is so fond of. Online seemed safe. Good lord my memory is short. I had forgotten what a drama laden adventure it can be and NOW there are visuals! God help us all.

I won't bore you with he said/she said details. It's sufficient to say that I'm a bit more attention starved than I had thought. I like to play as though I don't need anyone but it appears that is not the case and I admit defeat. I got my virtual feelings hurt and have been moping around like a kicked puppy. (Satan will enjoy that i'm sure). There wasn't time to fall in love but I had grown a bit attached and was really enjoying someone's company when I got kicked to the curb. (I have some thoughts about what happened and will share that in another post which will be vague so that you *cough* won't know who I'm talking about...yeah right) Anyway......I ended up tossing a baby fit. You know the kind, the usual "you are dead to me" line. Yes, I can be a touch dramatic. *rolls eyes at self*

I've been sick to my stomach all week over this. Not because I'm mooning but due to the feelings that I thought couldn't happen and my horrific reaction to it all. I would have sworn I was above childish behavior and would behave in a dignified manner. Wow was I WRONG.