Boot Worship & the Internet

So I decide that I'm bored and have ignore my site long enough. I go down the bdsm checklist and see that "boot worship" is next in line. I take each activity on the list and then try to find the most reliable information regarding this activity to share with those who belong to my yahoo group.

Apparently, unless you are willing to fork over a monthly fee you are out of luck with regard to learning about boot worship. This ticks me off a bit. I have half a mind to create my own boot worship site. That is how Submissive Loving came into being. I didn't like what I found on the internet so created my own space.

However, that requires work. I'm a busy gal. If anyone reading this has a great amount of experience regarding boot/foot worship and you are articulate enough to write about it, please consider doing so...for me.....pretty please? I do know a man who is VERY experienced at this but I can already see his eyes rolling into the back of his head as I beg him to do me this one itty bitty favor. I KNEW I shouldn't have scorned him a year ago. It seems I'm always scorning those I'm going to need a favor from later.

Really, this isn't a big deal. I'm not sure why I take it upon myself to furnish the information. What do I care if the internet is void of this information? pfffft grumble grumble...I care. I'm such a sap. Ask around. sappy cerina. that's me. grumble.

On a brighter and cuter note: My sister is due back from her Ireland/Scotland trip and I've taught my nieces who are six and four a new phrase. She'll be ever so proud of me. It goes something like this...

I'm on the computer and the girls are playing in the room behind me. They are making a great deal of noise at one point and I ask them to bring it down to a dull roar. That works for all of five minutes. I ask again. Five minutes later I bang my head on the keyboard and say "You girls are sucking my will to live. PLEASE be quiet!" Eden quietly asks, "What does that mean?" I explain. Silence from both girls for 15 seconds before Alyx pipes up, "Well......maybe YOU are sucking OUR will to live." ahahahahahaha Since then the girls have used this phrase and used it correctly. I am SO proud! *beams* ...but something tells me their mother might not find it so funny the first time they use it on her....oh please God let me be there! If that doesn't get to my sister the other phrase I coached them to say upon their mother's return should do the trick "We missed you mommy but we understand you felt the need to abandon us. It's ok." ahahahahahaha God I love those girls!!

Following Directions

I tried a new recipe today. I prepared by purchasing all the ingredients and went over the instructions but I was so anxious to make the meal I rushed into it head first. It didn't turn out as I had planned. The steak was overdone, potatoes were dry, and the broccoli underdone. Then...I was grumpy. Why didn't I step back and think it all out BEFORE turning on the stove?

I do this in life too. I get so excited about things that I don't step back and make sure I'm taking the right path. Education, friends, relationships.....rushed into so many of them with wide eyes and good intentions without considering all the options. I wonder if perhaps I did not want to look at the options? I think perhaps I stubbornly made up my mind that "this is the way it WILL be" and forged blindly ahead and ended up with only pieces of what I truly wanted and needed.

I see this same behavior in many men and women who discover dominance and submission. Myself included. We finally find the piece of the puzzle we've been frantically searching for and now expect that because we found it we must rush into a d/s relationship.....without reading the recipe or thinking over the instructions and how it will work for us in our unique lives, and then when it turns out dry, underdone, and unsatisfying, we get discouraged and grumpy.

Take a deep breath. Review all the facts and how they apply to you and your life. Then carefully and purposefully move forward.

"you wanted light and so I set myself on fire"

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Spirit Crushers

There are people in this world who will try to destroy your spirit. It goes beyond hurting your feelings or causing you to feel sad. Unfortunately, so many of us blame ourselves when this happens. Wondering what we did to cause someone to treat us so horribly. It can haunt you and be carried with you forever if you allow it.

When someone treats another human being like garbage it is not a reflection of you. It is a reflection of who they are as a person. Pity them. They must surely be so miserable that the only release they have is to cause others pain. Pity them but do not allow them to impact how you feel about yourself or to sway you from your path in life.

"just keep telling yourself you'll be the death of me"


Finally settled into my new home and hopefully I'll be here to share more often now. Things have been SO hectic and the New Orleans disaster has my head spinning. I will be attending a Red Cross meeting this next wednesday to see if I'll be able to commit to the 3 weeks needed to go help. Keeping my fingers crossed.