Just thought I'd leave you all with a picture of where I'll be. Stockholm. Yay!! If you behave I might bring back presents.


My Father

My mother, sister, and a few friends have been in Aruba all this week. My father is handicapped and was unable to go. Someone needed to stay behind and take care of him. I was volunteered. I don't mind really even though I was a bit disappointed I couldn't go along. (it is -12 degrees here right now)

Here's the thing...

He's bitter. He's angry. He has made a great effort this week and has managed to be nice to me but this has been a week of walking on eggshells. I know he wants to explode but is just smart enough to realize that if he blows up at me I will walk out and not come back the next day. Today is the last day and I am dreading going over there because I never know what mood will greet me.

It's hard seeing a once strong vital man physically dwindling down to nothing until the disease attacks his heart and he dies. It is a waiting game. I'm angry and bitter as well. I think we all are. We feel guilty for being able to go places and do things he cannot do and I think we secretly feel anger towards him for 'making' us feel this way.

I am going out with friends tonight and have to break it to him that he needs to go to bed at 9:30. *sighs* He won't. I know it. There will be a power play. He will tell me to 'just go' and he'll get to bed on his own at 10:00. Mind you...when my mother is home he is in bed by 8:30. He is not fooling me. This is being done to show me who is boss.

Wish me luck


Waxing Update

There are hardly words to describe how incredibly unpleasant my experience was but I shall try as I sit on a bag of frozen peas. The frozen veggie tip came from a friend to whom I am eternally grateful.

Simply having the bikini area done would have been a piece of cake. It was the labia that almost had me in tears at one point. Outwardly I kept as calm as possible while on the inside I was holding a teddy bear and crying for my mommy. The woman who performed the procedure was as sweet as could be and did an excellent job. She is my hero. She had better be Jeff's hero as well.

I did opt to have my butt crack waxed as well which was not at all painful. It was more humbling than anything to be on all fours with a strange woman waxing that area. Oh the things we do for love.

I predict very expensive jewelry in my future. *grin*

Little tips on waxing from me to you:

1) Do take Ibuprofen at least 30 minutes before you go. I forgot to do so.

2) Optimally the hair should be at least 1/2 inch long so don't think you'll be helping out by trimming before hand. Too long makes it more painful.

3) Make sure frozen peas are in your freezer before you leave.

4) Wear very loose fitting slacks or sweat pants.

5) Have baby oil at home which will get rid of residual wax.

6) Do not go too close to your period as you might be a bit puffy and that will make it more uncomfortable. Queen Wax suggested to stay away the full week before your period and of course during your period.

7) If you have a big event or trip in my mind have this done a full week before you go.

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The Waxing

It has become a joke among my friends. My upcoming appointment to have my girly bits waxed clean. Totally clean. Like the day I was born. They know I'm scared and are taking full advantage of that. Kris sent me a link to one woman's story and this woman admitted to screaming like a banshee. My sister said it was nothing at all but then she only had the bikini line waxed. I've done that myself in the past so I know how much pain is associated with it.

I called Jeff early this morning to ask if we could have a little chat. He was open to it so I proceeded to tell him that the trip is not at all making me nervous but HE is making me nervous. He has stated a new demand every day since I purchased my ticket. The only rest I had was his trip to China. ((gosh I loved that trip)) He wasn't back one day when the demands started up again. Get this, do that, etc etc. It became overwhelming and I told him it needed to stop or I'd be a basket case. His response: "First of all, let us not forget that most of what I have asked for was offered by you. I will cease to place any further demands upon you and if there is something you are uncomfortable with to the point of losing sleep you may change it. HOWEVER...the waxing STAYS. Do you hear me?"

I heard him. So I am calling in the morning to make my appointment. Honestly, I'm not sure it's the pain I'm afraid of. Mostly it is the awkwardness of having a strange woman ripping hair from my girly bits. I will be at her mercy. I'm not liking that at all.

I'll let you all know how it goes. Pray for me, ok?

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