I have finally recovered from the bird flu. Ok so it wasn't the bird flu but calling it that is more amusing than intestinal problems. I'm sure you agree.


It was a lovely, intimate, blissful week. It was mine. Ours. I feel as though if I share too many details it becomes less special. There was snuggling, laughing, talking, love making, filthy sex, and a bit of partying. It made me happy and re-energized me. I should be in need of a fix by our next trip. The location hasn't been decided yet but he did express a preference for "something warm and beachy". I think I can handle that.

Off for my new adventure

My sister and I leave for Milwaukee tomorrow for a St Pat's celebration at hotel County Clare. We've been there before and it is a wonderful Irish hotel/restaurant/pub which puts together a huge celebration each year for this holiday. I shall try to take pictures but by now you all know I suck at remembering to take them.

ta ta kiss kiss