I posted the following on my Yahoo group the other day and it garnered such a strong response that I decided to post it here as well. Thanks again to those who wrote in with kind words.

A note: This was not written out of anger but more out of feeling annoyed.

To whom it may concern

Master being a decent human being first before you go looking to own
one. If that's too difficult for you, perhaps you can feed your
weakened sense of self by finding victims with an equally weak sense of
self to feed off. Me? Not one shred of my self worth is tied up in
your acceptance. If that threatens you (which it seems it has) feel
free to join another group to fuel your dim view of the world.

sincerely submissive,
cerina x

This is just a general thought I wanted to share. Thank you for your
time and I hope the upcoming holidays bring blessings to you all.