I have no clue if you have read this blog. You gave away the fact you've read my site last Saturday so I guess there is a chance you read this. I'm counting on the fact you don't so I can vent more freely.

About last Saturday. I did NOT know you were going to be there. As soon as I realized you were there (I saw your famous car) I made up my mind to keep my distance given your cool reception last time I spoke to you. So with my mind made up and me in a very happy mood looking forward to seeing everyone I picture myself then...walking towards the steps pretending you are not standing near and I hear that familiar voice say hello. I gave you my patented Subtle Charming Smile and Hello when normally I give you the Full On Charm. I am thinking to myself "good girl keep walking. You're doing fine."

My sister in law sweeps in to hug me and Holly. We are being introduced to a number of people and I'm thinking "this is going very well." It was....It DID go well ...until....

I'll skip all the little things. Let's get down to the nitty gritty. I'm moving back. This little public humiliation dance you normally play with me has to stop. What happened in the past needs to stay there, ok? No one has to know except for us. We are going to be in some of the same places and at the same gatherings. Public announcements such as "it's not like I haven't seen you naked" are NOT acceptable. I don't care how gorgeous and charming you are. Your charm is only going to take you so far, Craig. And since when am I the one who has to approve the new women? She looked at me as though I were going to issue a ruling at any moment. I'm touched....really...that you think that highly of me but I am not the be all end all of relationship judges. Besides, why on earth would you start listening to me now?

I still like you. We are still going to be friends because I refuse to be beaten. Just please do not shove 'them' down my throat. *laughs to myself* She wants to go to bondage night you know. *grin* You had better know I'm taking her. OH yes. You want me to approve them? Well then, they must meet me in MY playing field. We'll see what she's made of. Game on.