I have returned from Minneapolis where I had a fabulous time at the Rubber Ball. I am feeling even more fabulous knowing I am not the only one who takes a camera but doesn't take pictures. Four women with cameras and not one photo....seriously. I'm not sure this is even funny anymore.

About the Ball:

I'd like to thank cutie pie Adam for being such a sweetheart and making my drinks precisely how I like them without poisoning me. He also deserves a big thumbs up for being so adorable that we ladies had some eye candy for the evening.

Another thumbs up goes to my nilla friends who know how to behave at a public event such as this. I wish I could say the same for everyone who was there. A friend of a friend obviously doesn't get out of the house much and embarrassed us with a very loud display.

What I learned at the Rubber Ball:

1) Men in hoods scare me.

2) I will never be mummified in latex with only a straw to breathe through. Just watching the demonstration gave me the willies.

3) DON'T TOUCH THE STAGE! They had a runway which stuck out onto the dance floor and when Kristine tried to do her impression of Madonna's Like a Virgin roll on the stage we were quickly scolded. pffffft...party poopers

4) The best place to meet men is the outside balcony of the courtyard.

5) I am an overly protective sister who needs to put a GPS tracking device on Holly so that I can relax when she is not within viewing distance. (don't ask)

A final thumbs up to Erin the night desk clerk who put up with our sixteen phone calls wanting to know why we could not get food at 3 a.m in a city of 4 million people.

Little tip: The 3 hour ride home will seem like 8 when you're hungover

I can hardly wait for next year!