The precise combination of character traits which inspire my submission is not easily defined. I would think that is true for most people. Confidence about who he is, what he wants, and where his life is headed. That's sexy. He has a great deal of life experience along with an education. He is able to have conversations about politics, money, business, and life. He's a stimulating human being. I have an enormous amount of respect for him. His sexuality matches mine quite well. There wasn't a question of submitting to him. I said "no" to him 4 times in seven years.

I believe most of it boiled down to chemistry. Our personalites worked well together and our differences were not so opposed as to cause major clashes. I trusted him to be good to me and he was. He's a good man who would have taken very good care of me forever. There is no way I could write up a list so that anyone would understand.

There are hundreds of websites out there with thousands of articles about how to be a dominant and what makes for a good dominant but without the chemistry and his natural instincts, he could read until he went blind....we wouldn't have worked.