Four days until my trip to New Orleans and I have nothing done. I am a die hard procrastinator until the end. This is not a plus. The apartment needs to be cleaned so my guest isn't horrified upon entering, the new carry on must be purchased, my mystic tan appt needs to be made, and I should put a hold on my mail.

On top of all this my period which is normally here right on time has decided to mess with my head and be LATE. I timed the vacation around my cycle and this is the thanks I get?

Cal is pouting because he can't go. He's a great guy but I don't need him messing up any quality flirting time I might get in New Orleans. Male friends are fabulous up until you realize other men will not approach you because they think you are together. Cal doesn't get this. I'm not surprised.

I promised him he could go along on the New York trip. New York will be primarily shopping for me and Cal is going to submit his portfolios to modelling agencies. That is if he's not feeling bloated or anything. *rolls my eyes* Ladies.....think twice before ever dating a model. Trust me on this. It is a constant barrage of questions like "does my six pack still look good? Do I look thick around the middle? Are my teeth white enough?" Oh and my favorite part is going out to the clubs...."I slept with her and her and her and ....I think maybe HER. " "That woman over there is checking me out." "is there something in my teeth because women aren't checking me out tonight"

Although, he's been pretty good since I told him his six pack would be the least of his worries after I threw him down the stairs.