He says "I am going to claim you. I am going to make you Mine. I will own you."

I can only answer with something vague and meaningless. I gave into statements like those before and answered with a breathless, "yes please! own me! take me!" To someone who was lying when he said it. To someone who lies to everyone including himself. I believe that when they say "I love you" they really mean "gosh you look good naked!"

I hide my bitterness from him because he deserves more. He has never been anything but good to me and has stood by me, rock solid, for six years. He cheered me on when I made life changing decisions, cautioned me when I was making a bad one, held my hand when my heart was broken, and waited until I was strong again to say "I told you he was a loser." He is a good man. I would burst with pride to be His. I just cannot tell him this. Yet.

Hope is a luxury.

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