Steven Tyler
Every year around my birthday the gods smile upon me and grant me a great deal of luck. This year was no exception.

We get to the hotel in Minneapolis and are immediately offered an upgrade for no special reason. We take it. The room ends up being a huge suite on the top floor overlooking the skyline. We were thrilled.

We freshen up and head downstairs for a nibble and drinks before the show. God forbid we should see a concert sober. A wonderful waiter named, Eric, takes very good care of us and we are sufficiently lubricated by the time we head to our taxi.

We get to the show and find that we have two of the sweetest seats in the house which happen to be surrounded by a group of the hottest men in the house. We are pleased. We flirt, we laugh, we enjoy being women.

The concert was amazing to say the least and now, days later, my voice is still a bit hoarse from all the yelling. After the concert the hotties want to know where we are heading as they would love to join us. They have extra room in the limo. We accept. A great time was had by all.

Two martinis later.....

Holly is ill. She cannot go on. We must go back to the hotel she says. I am exhausted and agree. I take her arm, we say our good-byes, exchange a few numbers, and we are out the door. I look up and down the street. Not a taxi in sight and I'm thinking we will freeze to death in the bitter cold when a super stretch limo pulls up and the driver offers us a ride back to the hotel. I swear it appeared out of thin air. Holly does too. We enjoy a quiet luxurious ride back to our hotel. Holly is snuggled in her seat with her eyes closed. She opens them and says "How do you do it? How do you always get things like this?" I tell my birthday story and snuggle up next to her. It was a great night and I could think of no one better to share it with than my sister.

The next day we spend a few hours in the salon getting gorgeous and then pillage Mall of America. A perfect end to a perfect trip.

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