I married and divorced in my early twenties and I had the type of marriage which caused me to vow I would never marry again. Everyone said those feelings would soon go away. They didn't. I entered into serious relationships over the years but marriage was not an option. This lead me to believe that I was broken beyond repair.

I used these past years since the divorce to heal and work on my relationship skills. After all, I am the one who chose him.....and chose the men after him. My choices gradually improved and I think that now I think i'm healthy enough to choose wisely.

About six months ago I began feeling a certain longing for a partner in life. A true partner and not just "Mr. Right Now". I want to ensure that I really do have what it takes to be a good partner and so I'm putting a lot of thought into what I need to do to bring a relationship back into my life. A healthy relationship. One that won't cause me to doubt my self worth, require drama, or embrace chaos and believe it is love.

I have no clue where this will lead, if anywhere, but I'm willing to take you along for the ride.