Today I am grateful for having a job that I love. As many know, I am passionate about travel. So, being able to talk about travel with people all over the world Monday thru Friday is heaven on earth. Ok, so 'some' of the people do get on my last nerve, but they keep me on my toes and provide the challenge I crave. (no, i'm not a travel agent)

I am grateful for my sister and the rest of my friends who have never ceased to support my unique desires and interests. In chatting with bdsm folks from around the globe, I realize that I am one of the lucky few whose nilla friends happily join me for events such as The Rubber Ball. The first year that I talked them into going I was nervous about their reaction and found myself tickled pink that they had just as fabulous a time as I did. Each year, they hunt me down and beg to be part of the group attending. I am truly blessed.