I will confess to you that I wasn't sure I'd make it through this winter. I swear that if I had to wait one more week for spring, I'd be in a straight jacket. It was a cold, gray, and dreary winter which sucked my will to live. Due to the current economic climate, I felt it best to not travel this winter. I didn't want to find myself without income and feeling angry that I'd spent a great deal of cash on a trip when I might need it to eat.

I'd tell you who I work for, but then I'm afraid of a lynch mob on my lawn. Go on...guess. We recently had a meeting with one of the executives they sent to calm us down and reassure us about our positions. I am feeling a touch better but I'm not spending money until the deal is set in stone.

So, with that being said, my only "trip" to look forward to is my annual trek into Minneapolis for the Rubber Ball. Freaks unite! The "Ball" is next Saturday and I promise to return with fun stories. Hmmm...maybe I'm jynxing myself. Maybe now I've ruined it and couples won't be having sex next to me on the couch upstairs. Oh the horror.

My hair and manicure appointments are set. The hotel reservations have been made. Let the games begin!