The Webster's definition of obsession:
1: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling ; broadly : compelling motivation
2: something that causes an obsession

You know how when we're madly in love we wake up thinking about the object of our affection, go to sleep thinking about him/her, and fantasize about them every free moment of our day? (OK, maybe it's just me)

Today, I was reflecting about how much time I've spent during my lifetime obsessively thinking about men I've been in love with and it occurred to me that this is a huge waste of my time. It would be great if I could obsess over something that would benefit my life. Such as career, education, entrepreneurial ventures, etc. Imagine what I could accomplish if I could switch gears?

Obsessing over a partner is pointless since we will either make it work or we won't. I'm not saying we should never give a thought to our love life. I just think it would be far more beneficial if we spent an equal amount of time exploring ways to better ourselves and, in turn, THAT would result in strengthening our ability to be an excellent partner.

....just a thought

cerina x