After being horribly ill for one whole week, I finally returned to work today. yay! I've never been so happy to go to work in my life. Cabin fever was setting in and it felt like I was going to lose it. I'm not accustomed to being shut in for 7 days. That was awful. Let's not do that again, ok?

I have something of a scary boss. She seems to have no patience and looks like she's scowling most of the time. I like her. I like her because she doesn't sugar coat the facts and I always know where I stand. However, I was petrified to return to work after a week off. I was positive she'd be upset and that I'd get the cold shoulder. So, I walked into the office and many people immediately wanted to know how I was feeling. After a few minutes at my desk I saw everyone turn back towards their monitors which can only mean ONE thing. She's coming.

I believe that I speak for everyone in that office when I say we had a bit of a shock. You could have heard a pin drop as my boss stopped by my desk to ask how I am and (no lie) gave me a huge hug and said she's happy to have me back. Speechless. No one spoke for about 10 minutes after that. (but I swear I heard keyboards rattling as they frantically emailed one another to gossip about it) It felt fantastic and I'm still smiling.

The ugly bit: Work was piled to the ceiling. New messages went on forever in my inbox and my voicemail......ugh...we won't discuss that. I'm still pretending the red light isn't screaming at me to tell me I have 100 messages. People tend to freak out when they go an extra week without hearing whether or not they're getting a check from me. That's the best part of my job. Writing the checks. It's a blast giving money to people who found themselves in a frustrating and expensive situation while travelling. Yes, there are those who try to take advantage of me. (you know who you are) However, they don't get up as early in the morning as I do. *snicker* People who are trying to work the system and get away with something are my favorite pet projects. I live to make their life a pain in the ass.

Anyway, enough about my job. (which I love) I'm just happy to be back among the living.